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Digital B&W and Color Short Run Printing

What is short run digital printing
Short run printing is any print run of 500 copies or less. If you ever dealt with printing you know that prices for most jobs "plateau" at about that level, so that for example ordering a thousand of brochures is only marginally more expensive than ordering five hundred. On the other side, if all you need is one hundred brochures, you could have found out that the price is practically the same for one hundred as it is for five hundred. In many cases printer would not take an order for a hundred brochures at all. Situation started to change just recently with the advance of new technologies, that make it economical for both printer and you to have a hundred, or even fifty, or twenty brochures printed.

Why and when do I need short run
Every company manages documents that require frequent changes, might be needed on short notice and in varying quantities. Some examples:

  • Technical manuals are often edited to include experience of the previous users, technical support notes and frequently asked questions
  • Product catalogs might include often-changed pricing, new products might be added or old products discontinued
  • Sales collateral wins if it is specific to the needs of a particular customer. You also might want to test several versions of different sales collateral pieces before sending out large mailing.
  • In most cases you don't need more then 50 - 100 business cards for an employee - after this some information on the card most likely will be changed and new print run will be needed. 100 full color business cards usually cost around 11.00 - 15.00 - significant savings over traditional way of business cards printing.

How do I order a document for short run printing
The first step is to receive a quote. You can do it by filling out online quotes form, or e-mail specs for your document to info1@deltalprinting.com. It will be beneficial if you e-mail or upload the actual file when requesting a quote. If you decide to go ahead with the project, you will e-mail us the file(s), we will print the document(s) and ship them to specified address. The turnaround time from order approval to shipping out your material is usually 1-2 business days.

What is the difference between short run printing and print-on-demand
Print-on-demand is usually short run, but it also assumes that you plan to print the same document periodically on as needed basis, rather then order document for printing just one time. If you plan to order document(s) periodically, you might want to start by creating an account on our online print-on-demand system that will allow you to manage documents for printing, order them on as needed basis, track orders and review reports.


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